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  Shandong hanweiyuan group, founded in 2009, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the production, import and sales of leisure food in Korea, Japan, Turkey, etc.; its production plants are respectively Korean hanweiyuan Co., Ltd., Japan shutaro Co., Ltd. and Rushan shutaro Food Co., Ltd. And invest 128 rest food production lines in South Korea, Turkey and other countries. +More

HanMeiHe Strawberry flavored …

HanMeiHe Milk mango flavor ge…

HanMeiHe Peanut butter cake

ShuTaiLang Practice makes per…

ShuTaiLang Freeze dried straw…

ShuTaiLang Roasted Qiaohe fru…

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Tel:0631-5752799 18660368719
Add:No.76, Zhenhai Road, chucun Town, gaoqu, Weihai, Shandong
E-mail:[email protected]

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